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Do I Unlock My Yahoo Account, if lost phone number?
If you lost your phone number and failed to get to your record, so you must find the best way to deal with the Unlock My Yahoo Account. You have to navigate its official site and tap on the Can't get to your record choice to start the recovery method. Further, enter your alternate email address or registered mobile code to get the verification code. 
In such a situation you can follow the below-mentioned steps to recover your Yahoo account:

Step 1: First of all, open your web browser and then open the Yahoo login page.

Step 2: You need to enter your Yahoo account email address or in other words your username here.

Step 3: Click on “Next”.

Step 4: In the next screen, you are asked to enter your password. Because you forgot your password you need to click on “I forgot my password” option here.

Step 5: Now, you are prompted to complete the phone number which you submitted to Yahoo as part of account recovery info.

Step 6: You can either enter the phone number missing numerals as the last two digits of your phone number are shown to you on the screen.

Step 7: If you enter the phone number correctly you will receive a verification code sent by Yahoo on this number using which you can reset your Yahoo password and recover your Yahoo mail account.

Step 8: But if you don’t have the access to this phone anymore, you can click on I don’t have access option.

Step 9: When you click on this, on the next screen you will see that a verification code has been sent to the alternate email id that you submitted to Yahoo as part of account recovery info.

Step 10: You can check your email inbox and open the email sent by Yahoo in which you see the verification code.

Step 11: Now, you need to enter this code in the textbox on your Yahoo page screen.

Step 12: Once, you do this you are asked to enter a new password and then confirm the same new password by entering it again.

This is how you recover your Yahoo password without a phone number. But further if you don’t have access to email id also you can click on “don’t have access” and move to the next screen where you are prompted to choose security questions and provide their answer that you submitted with Yahoo.

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